Erratum: "while" they're at it. Oops! Sorry. Autocorrect doing its thing again.

Book recommendation: "Armadillo," by William Boyd. Hugely accurate and funny on the subject of loss adjusters.

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Yorkshire Water talking the talk but not walking the walk? Doing this to minimise what they have to pay out? Good Heavens, who'd have thought it?🙄 Look - why don't all residents affected get themselves one very combative lawyer who can and will knock seven shades of h*ll out of YW? And why they're at it, they can get their own independent loss adjustment expert in as well. When I practised law, my definition of an independent expert was one who agreed with me 😁

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My name is Brian Holland, I have been a supporter of The Tribune since your inauguration. I am also the co-ordinator for Sheffield Ceramics Festival at Kelham Island Museum which is an annual even on the first weekend in April.

You have always requested information for your whats on this weekend slot and I have always sent info with images to your editor. Last year you sent me an e-mail apologising for not spotting my e-mail and promised to include us in future. I Again I have sent material to your editor and was hoping that you would at last include us.

The event is a large event with over 50 proffesional potters and ceramic sculptors exhibiting, profits from the event benefit local charities.

I value The Tribune but am dissapointed that this popular event does not merit a mention when other art based activities do.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Holland

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