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The Tribune was started in 2021 by journalist Dan Hayes to provide a totally different kind of local news in Sheffield — one that doesn’t chase cheap clicks or smother stories in horrible ads.

Instead of pumping out dozens of “stories” every day, Dan and our second staff writer Victoria pick a handful each week and investigate and write them up properly, giving you the insights and context to understand what is really going on. That’s why we’ve built up a devoted following in Sheffield, been written about in The Guardian and The Times and mentioned several times on BBC Radio 4.

Ever since we published our first newsletter, the reaction from local readers has been overwhelming. More than 20,000 local people have already joined our free list and 2,000 have subscribed as paying members to support our work and get all of our twice-weekly members-only editions. Members become part of The Tribune’s community and can comment on stories and contribute their ideas. You can join up as a paying member or just join our free mailing list to give us a try first — it’s the same button below.

We’ve already been cited by a parliamentary inquiry into the state of local news and even received coverage in the US media as an example of a new model for high-quality local journalism. Our journalists — who have written for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times and The Spectator — are dedicated to accurate, balanced reporting and getting to the heart of the stories they cover.

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The Tribune was founded by me, Dan Hayes. I’ve been a journalist in Sheffield for three years, reporting on local politics, crime and lots else besides. I left The Star to start this newsletter because I want to cover the city in a different way, with an emphasis on in-depth reporting and good-quality analysis. We started The Tribune in partnership with the team behind The Mill in Manchester, which I’ve been reading since it started last year and which has already become a much-loved news source. I would love to hear from people who have stories, whether they are serious newsy tips or ideas for softer features. My email is editor@sheffieldtribune.co.uk.

Our second full-time staffer is Victoria Munro, who used to be a reporter and editor in London before seeing sense and decamping to South Yorkshire. She tends to do some of our more investigative work — digging into documents and speaking to off-the-record sources to shine new light on areas that need more scrutiny. To get in touch with her, please email victoria@sheffieldtribune.co.uk and don’t worry if you would prefer to stay anonymous — we’re very used to that and we never identify people without their permission.

Our senior editor is Sophie Atkinson, who comes up with many of our ideas and does lots of the painstaking work to improve our stories before they go out. Editors don't tend to get much credit in journalism but Sophie has been one of the biggest reasons for The Tribune’s success so far. Sophie often writes our biggest cultural pieces, like her brilliant review of Anna Karenina and her excellent feature about why George Orwell hated Sheffield. Sophie also writes cultural stories for some of the biggest publications on earth including the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Want to write for us? We’re always on the lookout for talented journalists in South Yorkshire to contribute stories, whether that’s newsy scoops or long form features. In our short life, we have already commissioned more than 30 local writers to produce high-quality work. If that’s you, head to this page.

Reach our audience: We do a small number of high-value sponsorship partnerships with local companies and organisations who want to get their message across to our very engaged and influential audience of 16,000 readers. If you’d like to know more, visit our advertising page.

Help us to correct our mistakes: If you have a complaint about something we have published, please follow our complaints procedure.

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