Hello all — apologies for the subbing error left in ("Headline" above Harry's piece). My bad! No excuse but I'm overdue a holiday and flagging somewhat.

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I’m a Sheffield Green Party member and one of the issues not reflected in the article is that Alison stepped down as a councillor this year and was very scathing about the party in the local press. Some members also feel that she was dishonest in her nomination paperwork, because she did not disclose any conflicts with party policy (we have trans inclusive policy which she frequently, publicly opposes).

Her comment that “she had had the odd conversation online or on the phone with some of the dissidents about trans issues, but nothing much — and definitely nothing heated — before the graphics appeared” does not reflect the reality of the last three years. It has been incredibly heated and stressful, most of the Sheffield Green Party Executive Committee resigned in 2020 because of the breakdown in relationships and the regional party has had to intervene.

We no longer have a Green Party student society, a Young Greens group or a LGBTQIA+ group in Sheffield. The involvement of young women in the party has dropped significantly. We are struggling to motivate activists. This year we lost a council seat and failed to win a target seat in Walkley, where Eddie Izzard campaigned for Labour. Speaking out against Alison’s candidacy isn’t a foolish manoeuvre, it’s a desperate attempt to sustain and save the local party.

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A great shame that many people of good will can’t acknowledge that there are issues on which other people of good will can have opposing views. This too often leads to personal attacks. In this situation those arguing should focus on the issues rather than the people. This will do real harm to the Green Party and to the case for dealing with the climate emergency.

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What an excellent post regarding Alison Teal and Sheffield Green Party.Sensitively handled and objective and all the better for the local insights.Well done Tribune.

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Great reporting Harry 👌👌

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Such a sad state of affairs. I admire Alison Teal alot, she has integrity, after reading her stance on the trans debate she gets my vote!

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In exactly what way or ways do transgender rights constitute a Green issue? None, as far as I can see.

Anyway, it's time somebody stopped pussyfooting around the trans debate. I am opposed to discrimination against trans people in the fields of housing, employment, healthcare, education and social rights. I want trans people to be able to live openly as trans people. But a man can't turn into a woman, and vice versa. Asking me to believe that people can literally change sex takes the claims to another level, and it's a step too far.

I believe in tolerance and kindness. But being kind to people who are compos mentis doesn't require us to foster their delusions, in fact, the reverse is true.

Moreover, the louder the trans lobby gets and the more people they shoot down and ostracise for disagreeing with them, the less sure of their ground I believe them to be.

There. I've said it.

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