Well done for leading on the dire economic situation facing Sheffield City Council and its' medium term financial strategy- which sounds very boring- but which reveals the perfect storm the council is heading into. As a high needs local authority with rising spending on adult social care and children's services with out of town foster placements costing £5,400 per child alone, the situation is creaking at the seams. Equally though, I think this Government has been spiteful to Labour controlled council's such as Sheffield. I recall interviewing Chancellor George Osborne for the BBC when he flew into the AMRC in Catcliffe by helicopter to great fanfare, announcing the City Region deal of £30m a year for 30 years. Afterwards journalists were given 20 minutes with him and I asked him how £300m was going to help South Yorkshire Council's when (at that stage) he'd cut more than £250m from all four of our local authority's budgets as part of his failed austerity policy. Naturally, his press minders were not amused by my 'negative' line of questioning, preferring us to be obsequious and somehow grateful for this act of Government largesse to South Yorkshire. He snapped' Well, we had to balance the nations' finances and bring down the deficit', next question! shifting his attention to a more obliging reporter. As the council report to which you refer states, if the Fair Funding formula for local council's like Sheffield had been reviewed and updated since 2011, Sheffield might be in a much stronger financial position. There is no urgency to do this from any political party and thus Sheffield will continue to fall behind in central Government funding and a Birmingham type scenario becomes a real possibility.

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Thanks for quoting me regarding the Big Gun - lots more information on p10-12 of Sheffield’s Real Heritage Pubs - free download: https://sheffield.camra.org.uk/rhp/

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As Dave Pickersgill (below) notes, the Big Gun has historic features, though of course it's the loss of a local social amenity that will be felt hardest. Very sad day.

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As much as I morally support the rather recent decision to stop giving library fines for late books (as Uni of Sheffield stopped doing years ago), it doesn’t seem to make much sense...I use Council libraries lots and spent 18 to 28 in poverty. Grew up working class and low income. Now on a little over 25K. Rent a tiny bedsit/studio. Have about £75 savings since starting to save a few weeks ago and paying off debt. And it’s great that I won’t have to pay late fines anymore but also my council tax is now £90 a month with 25% off single person discount...will likely be £100 soon. Priorities...

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The format of Sheffield City Council's Statement of Accounts is a technical publication that provides a true and fair view of the council's financial position, income, and expenditure for the year. The statement includes the following sections:

A narrative report that provides an overview of the council's financial performance, including a summary of significant events and activities during the year.

A statement of responsibilities that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the council's officers and members in relation to the accounts.

A statement of accounting policies that sets out the accounting principles and practices used in preparing the accounts.

A core financial statement that includes the balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, and cash flow statement.

Notes to the core financial statements that provide additional information and explanations for the figures presented in the core financial statement.

The accounts are audited by external auditors to ensure that they are accurate and comply with relevant accounting standards and regulations

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Where can we find a complete picture of Sheffield City Council accounts? Quick search reveals :


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