Life expectancy data tells you exactly the same as your Covid piece about health and wealth.

So what did the local authorities do ? As I recall Greg Fell endorsed everything concerning lockdown including school closures which as Sweden chose not to at least would have prevented poorer kids falling further behind.

What does the report actually conclude?

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Dan, you haven't told us anything that we don't already know or couldn't have guessed for ourselves. Every vicissitude impinges more on the poor, except that their children don't drown in swimming pools in their gardens. But here are a few points to consider:-

1. We need to get back a Public Health system, dismantled by the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition in 2010 (we are obliged to Health statistician husband Michael Grimsley, aka Lord Mike of the North Stand, for this info); and

2. We need a national strategy for people suffering from Long Covid, which for all we know might be Lifelong Covid; and

3. We need to look at the longterm mental health and educational impacts of Lockdowns upon the population, because IMO upon that depends whether or not we lock down next time a pandemic arrives.

I don't often agree with Robert Colville in the Sunday Times (right-wing, privileged) but yesterday he stated correctly that we shouldn't be spending oodles of money and time on an Enquiry, as we already broadly know what went right (eg., vaccines) and what went wrong (eg., PPE scandal, allowing people in care homes to contract Covid.)

We should be looking to the future, and be spending the money on that.

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