Greg Fell has impressed me by the eloquent yet perfectly pitched communications he has put out during the height of the pandemic -Sheffield has been fortunate to have him at the helm at this moment in time.As for the inequalities in Sheffield and their effect on individuals health - well Sheffield's Labour MP's raise this issue on a regular basis but nothing changes-its the same message put out in Private Eye by MD. Sometimes people need to educate themselves and make their own choices ie cease smoking.An inteview by a very human being and one who deserves a civic accolade.Thank you Mr Fell and Sheffield Tribune.

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Mar 11, 2022Liked by Dan Hayes

We all owe a debt of thanks to Greg Fell he has been brilliant throughout the pandemic. Excellent article.

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Thanks for your comment James 🙏 Yes, I completely agree. We’re very lucky to have him.

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Only just read this profile due to backlog of Tribunes that somehow got diverted to “ Junk” file….

Absolutely not junk.

Greg Fell performed admirably in a difficult role throughout the Pandemic and is clearly still working on , and reminding us about, things that matter.

Leeds loss is our gain.

We’re lucky to have him working for our health in Sheffield!

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Excellent interview. Greg was a steadying influence through all the madness and it was very much appreciated.

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