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I was involved in SGP's very first election campaign, the 1987 General Election. Leela Spencer was the candidate. Is anyone still in touch with her? Five years later I stood in Sheffield Central, Mallen Baker stood in Hallam and Gordon Ferguson stood in Attercliffe. Both Mallen and Gordon later left the Greens to join the Lib Dems.

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An interesting question.where do Greenpeace and friends of the earth dump their ships sewage when at sea? I have placed this question several times on their Instagram page but got no response.does the sea life get covered in excrement,urine,and possibly blood stained water? It would be an environmental disaster if so.

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No one who is not born in Sheffield and bred here should be standing as an MP.i have trouble with public transport and I am on universal credit I need work but live remotely.i have seen a drop in the number of regular buses since last September.siyth Yorkshire needs investment.here is a fact.thae green party attracts the well off,and hates the poor.in Germany,the greens lost the support that they had the minute armies of their MPs went into German family homes and started asking personal questions about their family lives.it will happen in Sheffield and the other parts of the u.k,so don't give the green party anything.also,on question time,at some early part of the 21st century,a green party member was asked about green party policies.the response from the green dreamer was obvious to everybody watching,that the greens political intentions were to destroy the world's economies.the host responded " so you want to destroy the economy then?".the green party representatives face then dropped and he,or she? went very quiet.tge green party types are upper middle class types who are insensitive to the physical and mental effects of poverty.jillian Creasy has been a gp then? Then that says it all then really.where did she grow up? Not in a working class suburb like my parents where life was hard and work and house ownership deemed necessary.

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I went along to Sheffield Green Party meetings at SCCAU, different City centre venues, peoples kitchens & or living rooms in the late 1990's, probably 97 or 98.

Yes, the meetings were small or smallish then...& votes few, in those days, but, at the time, I think before Eamonn & Jillian came along, there were quite a few, Good Green candidates, putting energy, time & effort into trying to make some headway for the party...........not least of them, Bernard & his partner & Graham Wroe & partner....but, at that time, also in the Engine room, amongst others, were Andy D & Denise, Barry, Nigel W, Rita, Chris M, Nicola,Richard R, Paul B, Jude W and Judith, Christine G & several others, apologies if names are forgotten....along with dearly missed, Mervyn, Jenny H,Richard P and Leela S.

Yes, it's probably a true rumour that at that time someone actually DID sit and knit while listening, at some Green Party meetings!.........DON'T Quote me on that!.....

but I am really pleased for everyone, how things have worked out....as I know, from being there around 10 - 12 years or so, that a great amount of time, energy, leg-work & effort has gone into making the Sheffield Green Party an electable group of Good Green people.

Good on them. Solidarity & Respect.

(Smiley Steve)...October 2021.

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