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Ghost stories don’t hack it. I thought I was contributing to good local journalism. We have people suffering from a cost of living crisis, lack of hospital and care home beds, a Government that doesn’t care. Please get real. Journalism is more than this.

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The Stocksbridge Bypass stories about ghosts are worrying but not really surprising.

As a sceptic I instinctively look for rational explanations but over the yeare since the bypass was opened there have been many horrific fatal accidents on that stretch of road. Makes you think, but then again what do we really know about anything?

The human brain has yet to reveal how it controls us. 'Experts' sometimes tell us that they know how the brain works but do they? Do they really?

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My husband and I were travelling along the road to Barnsley, probably in the early 80s .

It was pitch black and when we were just after the place, where the Stockbridge Bypass was later built, a black, flapping figure, with a large, Guy Fawkes type hat, landed on the front bonnet and windscreen at my side, with a smack.

It was gone in a trice. My husband stopped the car , but there was no sign of anything in the road.

When we reached our destination, we talked about the incident and thought that it might have been a scarecrow, which had been blown by the wind.

Getting out of our very dirty vehicle, we examined it carefully. There were no marks at all on the bonnet, or the windscreen, to indicate that anything had landed on them.

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