It's nice that folk from Manor don't have far to go for functions like weddings now that Green Estates have refurbished at Manor Lodge..I'm told it's well used by local people

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Nov 15, 2021Liked by Dan Hayes

Best part of Sheffield with great community! Bit worried our secret is out now - curses and damnation on this accurate reporting.

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Really interesting article, thank you.

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It was great to see this article based on a variety of conversations on people around Manor. Fantastic, also, to celebrate Manor Fields Park and the great work of Green Estate. I hope through your article the national papers will begin to shift their lazy stereotype about this part of Sheffield.

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I have lived on the 'Manor' since I was born, at home, at 68 Beaumont Road (knocked down now, and the road is called Castlebeck Avenue for some reason). I have moved about 200 yards maybe less in 67 years, now living on Prince of Wales Road near Lidl.

One of my earliest memories is the Great Storm of February 1962. Next door, no 66, had it's front blown out. It looked like a photo of the "Sheffield Blitz". I attended Pipworth Road Junior School then and remember teachers like Mrs Drinkwater and Mrs Crookes and the headmistress Mrs Warren.

I remember queueing at the Community Centre on Prince of Wales at the junction with Fairfax Road for Common Market butter from the "Butter Mountain" in Europe. The Centre had bowling greens and tennis courts. It was demolished long ago but you can see where the courts were, and the greens if you know where to look.

As a member of the "Manor Knights" litter picking group (part of the Sheffield Litter Pickers coalition), I see how our society as a whole has failed wretchedly to appreciate the need to educate our kids to respect their environment. It's not a Manor issue alone. It starts in the home not at school. If the parents are indifferent then kids take their cue from that.

The Manor Estate has fantastic green spaces like Manor Fields Park and Castle View Park, Seaton Fields Park and Poppy Fields. Developed with the funding mentioned in the article in the late 1990s - early 2000s.

However, I've spent many hours of my time dragging flytipping out of park shrubbery which from it's size must be very local. Heaved over a back garden fence often.

The lady in the article mentioned community spirit. A pity that spirit doesn't seem to stretch to disposing of sizeable items responsibly.

The truth is, as it always was, even when the estate was first built. A handful of residents, through indifference or malice, make it bad for the rest of us. That's a national problem, not exclusive to one estate.

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Two points:

1 I worked at Stradbroke 2002 to 2011. I enjoyed the work with schools, students and teachers. I cycled to and from via Harborough Road, never felt vulnerable or in danger.

2. There was a murder of a school student in Endcliffe Park some years ago. So I'm not clear what the point of mentioning the murder in the article was

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Journalists shouldn't be using Google as a default search engine. There are plenty of alternatives.

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