I realise that this comment will probably not go down too well ... but isn't it time that we moved on from the Tree debacle?

In my opinion the council and Amey handled this really badly at the time - that is not news!

I am sure that I recently read a long, thoughtful and public apology about this sorry affair from Tom Hunt the leader of the council or did I dream this?

While I think that there is real issue about the number of trees chopped down (the Tribune says the Guardian figure is 5,700) could someone at the Tribune just check how many young trees have been planted to replace the trees chopped down? The net figure does give us some context. For example, I cycle up and down Rustlings Road a lot - and my impression is that there are more trees there than before and they are doing well.

Speaking as someone who back in the day was arrested a couple of times (non violent direct action) for protesting against government policy - for example Cruise Missiles being put in our country without any consultation! - I never felt the need for an apology from government or anyone else for the way this was handled or the circumstances that led to my arrest. By the way I did not expect any thanks either ... just as well ;0)

Maybe I am just terribly old fashioned but part of being a citizen in a democracy is challenging poor policy or actions that we disagree with. Sometimes that means that we have to use non violent direct action to achieve this.

It is the nature of any government at a local or national well that sometimes poor decisions are made or policy is formed that some of us don't agree with it.

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